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The items listed on the TNC marketplace range from luxury goods for sale, holiday house rentals, properties for sale, job opportunities to recommended services.

All are exclusively posted by members to members.

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As an exclusive Member’s Club we connect ‘like-minded’ people to create a vibrant online community. We help members buy, sell, rent and find useful services within a secure environment.

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TNC platform personalizes content across categories, connecting like-minded members with goods/services of genuine interest. Unlike mainstream marketplaces, it filters offerings, enhancing relevance for members.

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Secure transactions within a trusted circle.

TNC facilitates buying, selling, and renting personal items that may not fit conventional marketplaces like Blocket or Airbnb. Members engage with trustworthy peers, ensuring safe and reliable transactions. For instance, selling valuables or renting out property within the vetted TNC community fosters mutual respect and security.

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Discover trusted premium services.

TNC simplifies the search for recommended services, from tutors to personal trainers to catering and beyond. Our team meticulously curates listings to ensure they meet members' high standards, offering peace of mind in every transaction.

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